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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mkoett, Mar 22, 2002.

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    I am interested in backing active traders please email me if there is an interest. The program I offer can be used at any firm. Thanks
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    ok, send me a check :D
  4. We have a few hundred that ask every month...I would be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

    On a serious note...we have many "traders backing traders" in our firm. This works well because the people with the money are good traders, and offer their expertise as well as their money to those who want it (subject to their approval, of course).
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    Financially backing traders? O.K., where do I sign, and who are you?

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    I am interested in your inquiry looking for traders to back. Right now I only trade my acct and have done so for 6 years but I have the time to trade multiple accts if an agreement can be reached. I am a swing trader and don't daytrade unless a position warrants an intraday exit. Take a look at my thread under Seanote in the Trade Forum and let me know if your interested. I have posted my trades close to real time as possible and have been tracking my record since joining this board. Thanks.
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    We are a group out of California that currently works with several firms and traders in all parts of the country. Our main focus is to provide traders with a financial model for buying power. We do have a $25k minimum requirement. Our model is not like the current and traditional LLC programs that are available to traders now. If you have a serious interest you can email me and I’ll send you my number.
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    what do you propose ?
    it is a little too convenient to just come here, throw that out to catch traders or should I say, take advantage of them.
    In the best case you are just advertising in the worst case it's just a scam.
    so back up a bit your offer to 'back traders' with details, or just go.

  9. mmm, seems like traders are backing you!

    Traders are probably better off taking their $25k to a place that isn't afraid to disclose full details e.g. Bright Trading, Echo Trading etc, rather than to an (as yet) anonymous promoter wishing to "back" traders by asking em to put up $25k...
  10. Does this involve buying penny stocks and writing a news letter to pump it up then you dump. Oh I have another guess it is a multi level marketing program for trader's. Let's see you recruited me and I have to get five friend's to contribute 25K to your llc. The I get 2/10 of a penny a share off of them. If each of them recruited five traders then I get 1/10 penny a share off of them. So if I start with a 25K investment I could double it in a few weeks. Sound's like a great idea. I forgot to ask do I have to go door to door to find fresh blood.
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