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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Handle123, May 23, 2012.

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    Sounds corny for a young guy, but I like "dolphin" music while I am trading.It keeps me relaxed ,focused and confident.

    Yes Pink Floyd is one of my favorite groups,too:cool:
  3. Bob111


    my favored(no commercials during their night time, which is right at the time of regular trading session)
    also-good for taking a nap on the middle of the day(which is also one of my favored things to do after 'lunch' around 11 EST :)
  4. Bob111


    saw Gilmour few years back in NY on his 'On Island' tour
  5. LEAPup


    I'll put on anything from Vivaldi to older Metallica. Strange huh?

    (Just NO country music, pop, or rap for me though!)
  6. BSAM


    Start>Windows Media Player>Internet Radio (near the top)

    Enjoy anything you like.
  7. I listen to experimental clicky music because I'm an android robotic entity, and this hurts most people's brains, such as:

    Frank Bretschneider - A Soft Throbbing Of Time

    Warning: Do NOT listen without a $1000 sound system. The high and low frequencies is where the sound is, you won't hear anything otherwise. :)

    Actually the clicks and deep sounds make me focus and relax while most people become tense... :/
  8. Holy shit I'm loving it!! I've been into dubstep for a while now or sometimes I listen to crazy orchestral instrumentals from movies. But this is kind of in the middle.

    These work:
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