Background Check on Countries The U.S. Sells Weapons To

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  1. What follows is a list of countries that the United States sold weapons to during the Fiscal Year 2002 as well as two sets of countries in conflict whom the United States has lifted sanctions. With each country, the type of government, how much is sold to them, and an analysis of their human rights record is included. The list was taken from the State Department's 655 Report located at "". The report is broken into three sections, but I added the amounts for each country from each section to compile one list.


    You may disagree with my opinion about Monarchies, that is just my opinion, so it's a mute point to argue about that. Focus on the 36 countries that the U.$. considers to have a poor human rights record (the U.$.'s words not mine), but sells weapons to anyway.


    This is my site and an original document compiled by me, but the sources are listed and nothing said is my words, other than the introduction and introductions to each of the six sections. Enjoy and pass it on.