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    Anyone know of a site that features backgammon wagering?
  2. That would be interesting. Backgammon is a great betting game. As an aside, I think it resembles trading better than most, if not all, other games.
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  4. I also find a strong parallel between the two since the key skill in backgammon is knowing when to switch from a <i>forward game</i> to a <i>back game</i>, and vice-versa.
  5. Yes. Two games often compared to trading are chess and poker. Neither comes close to backgammon, in my opinion. Chess is not a game about probability, whereas backgammon is. Trading is more about uncertainty than probability, but I think it is a fairly close match. Both have a random element. The point is that you can determine the level of risk you wish to incur in backgammon (both in how you move and your use of the doubling cube) and play accordingly, not unlike trading. As for poker, I confess that I am not an aficionado and have not played in years, so perhaps my assessment falls short. But I think that the probability element is somewhat more convoluted in poker (this may be my inexperience talking). Further, how do you bluff the market?
  6. Partypoker is in the process of developing a wagering gammon site.

    I would not wager on a gammon site for fear of bots. From what I understand they are developed enough to beat the best. Much like chess, a game with complete information can be beaten by AI.
    Poker being a game of incomplete info leaves holes in bot programs.

    For a few bucks, Id do it for the fun of it.
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    The bot apps for poker don't have to be perfect, covering those "holes". They only need to not get tired and make a mistake.