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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ITR2744, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I trade the NQ using QuoteTracker and IB datafeed. Recently I tried NinjaTrader and wanted to get a nice chart with 1000 Volume bars. I wasn't able to backfill this chart (tried to get 100 bars). With QT it works perfectly... any suggestions? Thanx...
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    Ninja does not backfill tick or volume charts from IB. It does backfill seconds/minutes/daily charts from IB.

    IB doesn't provide historical tick data - it only provides 1 second bars. Some software (not NT) will use these 1 second bars and massage ticks from them. Of course some accuracy is lost when you do this - you may or may not even notice the difference, however, depending on your tick or volume interval.
  4. IB uses "snapshot" data (not true unfiltered tick data) and I would not even use it to power a childs trading game toy.....LOL! :p :D
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    thanx for your responses. I know, that IB uses snapshot data but I wasn't aware that this fact would be an issue with backfilling VOLUME bars... I thought that would be solely a problem with TICK bars.

    So then am I correct that QuoteTracker uses these snapshot datas from IB and does construct "fake" Volume bars?
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    Constant volume bars requires historical tick data to build. IB does not provide historical tick data thus its not supported by NT.