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  1. I am looking for a backer. I don't have a sob story. Lets rock n roll.
  2. Lornz


    Would $100k be enough?
  3. what`s baker:confused:
  4. Try

    Tons of solid lenders on there, some may take a risk....
  5. Big payday - No, not looking for large lump some. I am looking for a monthly allowance - someone who can see my past performance and see that this can be a investment opportunity for them.

    Marketserfer you of all people recommending debt? How long have you been trading?,0,5622268.story?track=rss

    Someone who bakes pie's, breads, cookies, etc...
  6. monthly allowance for trading, example $2000 month.

    I'll sign contract(s) to give away % of capital throughout my trading lifespan.

    there is a kicker but only for serious inquiries. PM BOX.

  7. what is a monthly allowance?
  8. Backer opens account in his name, I am just trader. I don't want someone else money - backer funds a set amount each month i.e 2k month, or 1500m to play with till I am successful.

    I recon it won't be long - Traded 5k account for 4 years ending balance was 2500, used money to fly overseas. No cash now...

    Just looking for someone who can see my potential and is willing to make an investment in me.

    Maybe silly, but, there is potential.


  9. 1.5K or 2K? wasting your time.i wish you to think bigger and find a backer who`d allow you to play with 150K-200K!

    market will go up and you will only be buying!
  10. with no winning track record who is gonna fund that kind of money?

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