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  1. Hi guys, ive been in the market a long time and currently run profitable strategies in both UK individual stocks and Futures.

    i am looking to back a trader/traders remotely who have proven live traded history.

    in a nutshell i am looking for anyone who fits the criteria above and who is just lacking funds to take it to the next level.

    ideally id like an automated trading strategy algo system but would potentially entertain other avenues.

    if interested please drop me an email at :
  2. MrScalper


    Why would you bother if you you "currently run profitable strategies"?

    Why do you think profitable traders are going to show you how they make money?
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  3. dumpdapump


    Sounds fishy already from the getgo. What's the relationship between you claiming to be profitable trader and wanting to fund another trader? Makes little to no sense.

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  4. as per my original post im looking for profitable traders who lack the financial backing to take things the next level.

    if no ones interested then so be it but i know from personal experience that i had to get backing at the beginning to take things up a notch so i could eventually make enough to back myself fully.

    as for my profitable strategies , they only make so much and the market is a big place full of opportunities in other areas that i havent exploited and maybe someone here gives me a chance to get some exposure to that. Thats why im bothering.

    i suppose i could ask you why you bothered with your reply if you have no interest with what i am proposing ?
  5. Sprout


    There is a simple idea behind risk management.

    By positioning in a diversification of additional profitable strategies, one's overall exposure to risk diminishes. A universe of profitable strategies at various points in their profit cycle is a proven way to build a solid resilient portfolio.

    More importantly, it is an early indicator where one would re-allocate capital towards.

    Invest in a single Captain and ship or multiple?

    Next level up.
  6. MrScalper


    There is absolutely no need to diversify if you know what you are doing, and are in complete control at all times!

    Of course, there will always be someone else willing to take the lazy mans' money :)
  7. MrScalper


    Simple, just to let you know how silly the idea it is to some of us..the "us" meaning people who actually know how to trade effectively and do not need to waste any time dealing with other people!

    The worst thing you can do if trading (if you know what you are doing, of course) is get involved with someone it is a sure way to problems and interference!!!!
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  8. Gotcha


    If someone lacks the funds, how do they have the experience of trading with real money? Anyone who is a hot shot trader in SIM will more than likely suffer when they make the jump to live. So I imagine there is no way a trader can be so poor as not to be able to place a live trade in the markets with their own account, and yet have all the stuff necessary to be profitable.

    Furthermore, if you are profitable, why can't you just increase your own size? You say you're trading futures, and there is no way you're limited by liquidity.
  9. MrScalper


    The giveaway sign in the opening post is it again and see if you can pick it out!
  10. no worries guys , i know you guys are not interested but the offer is there for anyone that is.

    we are all in different circumstances so maybe someone has an interest and it will make sense for them.

    im not here to respond to all the opinions as its a waste of time although i appreciate everyone has there own that they are entitled to.

    anyone who is interested please drop me a mail.

    all the best
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