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    I'm looking for a power back up for my computer system. Tech catalog has dozens of choices. Any advice as to how to choose an appropriate unit? Are generics units as good as APC? TIA...
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    4 words:

    full sine wave inversion

    If it doesn't say it then it doesn't have it.
  3. Are you looking to run for a couple of hours or just long enough to orderly shutdown?

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  5. I have a laptop as backup that will run 2.5 hours off battery. I use the ups to run my back up dsl modem only and it will do it ~140 minutes. I have my desktop and cable modem set up on another ups and have never tested to see how long it will run. During a power failure I just shut the main system down and have ~140 minutes open to close the trade via laptop. There are also ways to wire additional batteries to the ups in order to gain longer run time.
  6. A question related to backup power - where does the incoming signal on a cable modem get its power?

    In other words, if I have both the computer and the cable modem on a UPS and the power to the entire block goes out, will I still have internet access? I'll have computer and modem running, but will cable signal still be coming in?
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    As long as you have power to your cable modem (i.e. via a UPS) and the cable company has power on their side (i.e. many many UPS's), you should be fine. Unless you live within very close proximity to the cable company's closest connect switch, its relatively unlikely that both of you would lose power at the same time, but if you did, I would guess that they're relatively prepared for handling it on their end with back-up generators and what not.
  8. In my neck of the woods, whenever the power goes out my cable signal disappears. Even when power comes back often it takes hours more for the cable signal to be restored. It hasn't happened recently so maybe my cable provider got it's act together, but I wouldn't bet on it.

    I think my situation is not typical, but I'm sure some others will have the same problem.

    I've been thinking about getting a cellular Internet service as backup, but haven't done so yet.

  9. In a black out, what are the odds that EVDO or 3G will be also down?

    I remember when there was a black out, cell lines were all jammed for the first 30 minutes.

    Also, is cable or DSL more vulnerable to a blackout?

    Obviously the vulnerability is scenario dependent, but what are the various scenarios to produce the various outcomes, such as DSL up / cable down / EVDO up or other combinations thereof.
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