Back up Cable, internet?

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    So your hot and heavy in a trade, and
    right before you hit the ''sell'' button
    for a nice profit you lose all your power
    in the house... what do you do?

    or your internet service gets cut
    off in the middle of a trade now what?

    or your computer freezes up in a trade
    now what?

    So what do you guys use for backup?

  2. 1. Computer with enough RAM not 2 freeze up
    2. UPS with battery backup
    3. dual interent connection ( cable, dsl) with load balancing capability
  3. What's "load balancing capability" and are there any good internet services out there that pay per usage because it would be a real waste to pay for a backup internet connection that is almost never used.
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    Broker's platform is down...
    Globex is down...

    Should all be in your redundancy plan. Do you want to run a business or play around? Playing around could cost you one day.
  5. wave


    Systemic risks
    Operational risks
  6. BSAM


    Sky's not falling dudes. If any one of these things has much effect on your trading account, then you shouldn't be participating in the first place. Don't panic.
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    ever heard of insurance against fire?
  8. Load balancing routers (dual wan) allow you to connect 2 different internet connections (say dsl & cable) to your system. If one connection goes down, you still have internet. They also provide increased internet speeds through redundancy and "balance" internet traffic, utilizing the most effective conduit.
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    minimum 7 seconds between switchover.
  10. I've used both cable and dsl...that solves the problem of when one of the services go out. I also have a PDA, which can connect wirelessly to IB...except that it's difficult and inconvenient to use.

    What I've settled on is a laptop, together with an aircard which can connect to the internet wirelessly. I'm using sprint, and a Sierra Wireless USB card 598. This solves both the problem of cable down, and power out.

    There's not a solution to Globex down (which has happened in the past), except to offset futures positions with ETFs. No problem unless you don't have the capital. Last time it happened you had to have the capital to hold the stock position overnight.

    Here's a link:

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