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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Haas, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. fooliosbrother - Thanks for the tips :)
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  2. NKNY,

    It is $4/side for E markets only. We do not use BestDirect, but use PatSystems which is much more advanced. It has real-time streaming bid/offers with volume like level II NASDAQ. We also offer LEO, PMBe and OAK platforms.

    Craig Ross
    #12     Dec 6, 2001
  3. Haas


    craigross - Do you offer daytrading margins? Is the $4/side all inclusive (ie. are exchage fees additional)?

    I am looking for a back up broker and do not anticipate being very active in my secondary account. Do low activity accounts also qualify for the $4 rate. Thanks.

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  4. Our daytrade margin is $1,000 for ES and $1,500 for NQ. There is .42 on top of the $4 rate, so the total is $4.42/side. There is no minimum to qualify for that rate and no other account fees. Just mention this website when you fill out your account forms. There is no need to download our account forms you can fill out the info online.

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  5. MB1708


    Can anyone suggest a discount futures broker as a backup for IB?

    My experience of connection dropouts and system freezes with TWS (especially on FTSE futures) makes me nervous to hold any open positions with IB without a backup account at another broker.

    I do have a couple of backup brokers already but they both use the Patsystems platform, which is rather cumbersome and not a patch on TWS for futures day trading (when it actually works).

    So I was wondering if anyone knows of any other brokers with the TWS platform? ManDirect is one, and they are very well established, but the commission rates they’ve quoted me are more than double those of IB.

    The ideal backup would be financially secure, offering deep discount rates (perhaps just a little more expensive than IB) and with an independent TWS platform (not linked to IB computers). Not much point having a backup broker if their system crashes at the same time as IB!

    Perhaps this is expecting too much. If so, can anyone suggest a good backup futures broker generally?

    Thanks and regards to all,
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  6. elon


    you can try BEST direct through us.

    While we offer both PATS and BEST along with some other platforms, for deep discount and good reliability I like BEST

    you can e-mail me directly and mention that you are from elite trader for a specific quote.
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