Back to Transact and Sierra Chart- Great Combination

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Lorenzo, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo


    Tried the demo for two weeks

    Simply great! Never down. The feed is fast and reliable

    You can launch Sierra Chart directly from Transact platform

    This piece of software has amazed me! High quality program. Very impressive. 45 days of intraday data

    You can save hundreds USD per month!

    Second bars, minute bars, Tick bars, Price range bars, Volume bars

    I switched from Transact during the TradeMaven disaster

    Back with them now :p
  2. Lorenzo


    Forgot to mention: the CPU usage is below 10% and below 20% in fast market!

    here's the ER2U6 with 0.7 points range bars:
  3. Xenia


  4. What about TradeNavigator with Transact ?

    How much do you pay for your sierracharts ?

    Can you trade from the charts ?

    Static dome with Transact ?
  5. MONACO11


    Sierra Charts $23/mo..

    They have some pretty awesome chart sets available along with a robust following of public developers who create and share their chartsets. Great support forum.

    I have traded off the Transact simulator for a couple of weeks now..funded today.

    I like the bracketed order placement option and they are getting ready to release multiple exit feature.

    Trading from a DOM is the way to go.

    By the way:

    Does anyone know if TICK and TRIN are doable from the Transact data feed using Sierra Chart?
  6. Patricio


    No, they do not offer TICK & TRIN, you have to use another data source. I have downloaded MedVed quote Tracker, its free, and I am able to see tick and trin on 1 min charts via Prophet charts.
  7. bill321


    where can i get $tick, $trin indicators on 1 min chart. no tradestation or IB ..i want a free platform to backtest how it works i dont need it in realtime can be delayed as this is for study purpose only.