Back to the golden Age.

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  1. Let the hate fest begin.

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  2. Nobody disputes Islam's contribution to science etc. although the concept of zero was stolen from India.

    The problem is Islam has contributed nothing but violence and mayhem for the last 400 years.

    That's why islamic countries are way behind in nearly every aspect of life. Although I do understand Iran has an outstanding nano tech research area.

    Just think, the US created a nuclear bomb over 60 years ago, islam has only recently figured it out.
  3. Another intersting point is to do this.

    Read the Koran about muhammed's visions, nonsensical ranting, and his foaming at the mouth etc. Then look up the symptoms of schizophrenia and compare the two.

    I remember walking through Navy Pier and seeing a world psychiatric conference and a big banner naming names of those with the disease and your boy mohammed was prominently displayed as having the disease.

    I think all the muslims worship a profit who wandered through the desert and saw visions because he was an absolute lunatic.

    sorry i had to be the one to break the bad news.
  4. Muhamed is not my boy! I do not even subscribe to Islam per se, I am merely pointing you to the people of that region, who happened to be Muslims, and who made such contribution.

    As for schizophrenia, any believer of any of the monotheistic religions is, in my opinion, one!

    Before him, others followed a guy who came from a mountine top claiming to have met the big dude who ended up giving him plates. I am sure that one, to you, was a wise one. :D
  5. But you credit islam with the contributions but don't accept the last 400 years of pretty much contributing nothing but problems?

    that's convenient.

  6. As I indicated to you earlier in my previous post John, I do not credit Islam, I credit the people of that region, many of them were Christian Arabs who prospered and contributed in that region and at that particular time.

    When people of that region are given the chance to think freely, they will kick ass like they always did, and they will...After we take care of one minor problem that is.

    As for problems, I am affraid they will continue until you get off our backs and take your garbage with you.
  7. I can respect you opinion.

    As for your problems, what exactly are "we doing" to "be on your backs" that is keeping you down????

    What exactly does the US have to do with Somalia, Sudan, and the myriad of underachieving islamic nations?

    This is the fundamental problem of islam/ arabs. The absolute refusal to accept any responsibility for your own short comings.

    You blame the US but it's odd that muslims here freely in peace yet in france and other european nations they are 2nd class citizens.

    Care to explain?

  8. With all fairness, you got nothing to do with Somalia and Sudan, like any other tribal region, throughout history, blood was spilled. I am talking about one problem and one problem only. A cancerous cell that you have implanted in our body. Your own reject that you've dumped on us. More importantly is how, after you have devastated us by dumping your garbage, you came back, and with a sarcastic and chauvinistic smile, tried to convince us, AND YOURSELF, that what you've done was the right thing. Remember how your country refused to open its doors to the ships carrying Europe's rejects in hope that they will end up somewhere else and become other people's problem? Remember that we had nothing to do with your sick wars that caused their problem in that first place? You have dined in the most expensive human flesh restaurant, went out and dragged the first poor man eating in the next door MacDonald, dragged him back to where you were dinning and asked him to foot your bill, all while convincing yourself that it was the right thing to do.
  9. I don't blame the US for what happened to Muslims, I blame the Muslims for what happened to Muslims and for not upgrading their religion like Christianity and Judaism did. I blame them for not seperating relegion from state. But I sure as hell blame you for how our region was, and still is devastated by you. Since WWII, you have not given us one single breather.
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