back to the future -Tudor Investment Corp.

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    By Katherine Burton and Saijel Kishan

    Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- In the close-knit hedge fund community, where confessions of a mistake are rare, billionaires Louis Bacon, Kenneth Griffin and Paul Tudor Jones are retreating from borrowed-money bets, private equity and emerging market debt and championing more transparent stocks, bonds and currencies.
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    It's good to see these guys goin back to their roots where the did very well. Stock, commodities,currencies, and bonds. Private Equity and emerging mkt debt ,etc are obviously not the way to go and will see less and less funds getting involved. Guys like Tudor are TRADERS and should stick to what they excel in. 2009 should be a great year for traders as many of the big funds will go back to their roots.
  3. I am a big proponent of "back to the roots". :)
  4. Some of these guys are totally cooked. When is citadel going to be put out of its misery?