Back to the future Nikes for Auction.

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    They are selling 1500 of these shoes (150 per day for the next 10 days). So far the highest bid shoes have reached a whooping $11,000 in price. Lowest bid price is $3,700.

    I guess the recession is over. Lots of people have money to spend on these shoes. I personally would like a pair, but I wouldnt pay more than $400 for them.
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    You would pay $400??? They probably only cost about $10 to make, most I would pay is $35.99 because thats all they are worth. Completely hyped!
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    hardly an economic indicator... although high end consumers do have to start spending so the economy can expand and low end consumers can get jobs.. this could be the tipping point in that process...
  4. No, I'm sure they cost alot more to make than $10 because they are not mass manufactured. In fact it as of 15 years ago it cost nike $20 to make an average everyday run of the mill shoe and retailers paid nike $35 for the shoe to which they then sell to the consumer for $70 or more.

    With the electronics in there and the fact these are limited edition, I would guess it cost Nike about $100 to make these shoes
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    It seems the only way this economy is going to add jobs is if the consumer starts to spend like its 2005 all over again, everyone should know by now that 70% of the GDP comes from consumer spending. Aside from that, with nearly 3.5 million people losing unemployment benefits at the end of this year they are trying now to extend that because from what I heard on cnbc yesterday is that extending unemployment benefits "could create" 200,000 jobs in 2012. So I guess they are investing in the unemployed by extending benefits so they can put that money back into the economy by spending on more worthless items consumers don't need but just want!
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    No one knows the numbers for sure, but I am sure nike pays the workers that manufacture nike shoes probably no more than $4-$5 a day, as for $100 for those shoes to make, NO WAY!!!! NO WAY!!! you are thinking that because they are on the auction block for $4000+, those shoes arent worth any more than $50 bucks!!!

    I still dont believe it costs that much for an average pair of nike shoes, Im still thinking $10, I just bought a pair of sneakers that were over $70 with taxes for less than $30. There is absolutely no need to pay retail prices, many consumers are foolish to because they need it right away.