Back to life, back to volatility

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  1. 20 ES points range in 2 hours. Ah, markets, I have missed you. Welcome back from summer break.
  2. AloAlo


    I hear you, however its not gonna last

    take a look at VIX long term 4 year chart

    It never lasts

    if you want bang for the buck trade CL
  3. This is nothing but a headfake. A continuation of yesterday afternoon's drop in order to get more folks thinking "This is finally it". After they're in (which could be now), we'll head higher and squash them again.

    Bots rule Hummies :(

  4. trying to mislead others. what a loser.
  5. AloAlo


    this guy andrewbee is a real trader fully automated

    you have no idea who people behind names are

    granted 99% are losers
  6. Can you please explain how I was trying to mislead anybody?
  7. Sometimes you do, right Cold?

  8. AloAlo


    so you know me, I know you work for GOV followin me

    see, we all know everything

    PS: I had a dream where I tell GOV, "look man, walk in and ask me directly what you want to know"

    all this surveillance will give you 90% but not vital 10% extra

    and the guy goes "oh we know we know"

    kind a like, we just do it to receive salary and remain employed

    fuk you, you are disturbed too you just don't know it :p :p
  9. Actually I got YOU right and you threw a dart in the opposite direction of the board :p

  10. AloAlo


    that's good, I am happy with that

    see I used to be like you, valuing power and information and technology

    then as luck would have it, I learned or (remembered) what the physical existence is

    and suddenly the struggles for intel and resources became "moot" point

    I know more than you can imagine in this existence, this knowledge will be yours as well later

    how later?

    when you shed this body
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