back to basics :(

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aus_SPIder, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. arrggh my backtesting bitch has moved to america with his new wife :'( ive been begging him not to go but hes gone and so has his fund :(

    U know practically thru my entire trading life ive never actually had to program in BASIC any trading strategy, i simply got him to do it for me. now that hes gone damn i feel so empty technologically

    I have to buy software (regards murray ruggeiro), learn basic and then begin to backtest strategies all by myself :':)':)'(. excel and eyeballing just dont cut it anymore.

    any1 care to recommend any sites for a crash course in programming?
  2. taowave


    Aus,i share your pain!!!!

    I am an ex floor trader who later ran derivatives desks and always had programming jocks doing everything for me...

    I ventured out on my own and was faced with the grim reality of having to learn to program...

    To make a long story short,I purchased Murrays Trader Studio software and immediately bought Beginning Programming for Dummies.Apparantly Liberty Basic is a great foundation and somewhat similar to TradersStudio language....

    Any questions feel free to ask
  3. Its ok, plenty of programers out there like your ex. Work it girl. Best of luck.