Back to a non-clearly trending market, again...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. If trends arent clear and obvious, then it just is NOT a trend.

    You may as well flip a coin and go long and short.

    Time to stay in cash for those of us who are prudent.
  2. Or you can learn to TRADE intraday and play both the ups AND downs. I know, a shocking concept :D
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    There are times to stay out of the mkt intraday if the mkt is just giving you NOISE. Trading noise is a waste of time and at best is a breakeven proposition. The worst can happen is you make a few dollars then you will do it again. .. :eek:

    Unless you see where the big players will want in or out you best stay out until those areas are tested. Noise has no rhyme or reason so since you are no miracle worker why pretend there is something there? Wanna throw darts go to a bar.
  4. This implies that the only prudent traders are the ones who rely on the trend. The reality is, for every one prudent trend trader, there is one prudent anti-trend trader.
  5. Yes, many can't trade well unless the market goes up or down 500 points with nary a pause.

    And some can make a very nice living with 1 point moves.

    Takes all kinds