Back-testing with Multicharts software?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SuperVolatility, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. I installed trial version to test out multicharts package but I don't see any back-testing you get with Wealth-lab pro?

    I appreciate feedback from current or former users of multicharts.

  2. nidarian


    Its full of bugs, I would not spend a dime on it.

    The data is slow to update by as much as 5 seconds especially during high volume, far slower than tradestaion or TTs own data, you get no historical data, or backfill, some of the time bars are incorrectly constructed which is shocking. This would make all your indictaors calculate and draw wrong.

    They just copy tradestaion in every way without adding any real value. A lawsuite waiting to happen i bet! Just wait till they make some money so its worth dragging their ass to court.

    The worst part is the developers are idiots with bad attitude. It was a nightmare for me to get refund from them as well.

    Stay away!
  4. nidarian


    If the data is wrong, the backtetsing is useless.
  5. ET99


    don't kid yourself. Multicharts is a work-in-progress. It is NOT a complete product. There is no radarscreen type of filter. THeir program lauguage can only support market order ! Would you believe that? they don't support limit orders, and they called that auto-trade???
    There are so many bugs and errors in the program, their users complaints are so bad, they have to block their forum so that outside people cannot see them.
    It will take them years of trial and error before they can iron out all the bugs and polish out all the edges. Rome was not built in one day.
  6. Hello,

    To do backtesting in MultiCharts please follow the instructions below:

    1. Plot a chart
    2. Press F7 to call up the list of indicators, signals, and functions. Highlight the signal/signals you want to apply to the chart. Click OK.
    3. Once the signal is applied to the chart, please go to View -> Strategy Performance Report.

    If you need any further help please let me know.