Back-testing software package??

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  1. Other than TradeStation, Wealth-Lab, Multicharts what other application available to back-test my strategy?

    I hope not to spend more that $100 per month for any package.

    I prefer to keep my current broker switch to TradeStation is my last resort.

  2. Have you looked at Neoticker?
  3. THank you, I went through the specs after you suggested...just by looking at seems it's not offered, I am looking at real time package..not end of business and don't see back-testing strategy option.

    I could call customer support...but...have you used back testing?
  4. I've been using the real-time NT for years. It's incredibly powerful and flexible and probably the best autotrading and backtesting package available. I back test all the time. I test in sample data, out of sample and walk forward on a weekly basis. Don't take my word for it, download the demo and the 2000+ page manual pdf and see if it fits your needs. NT makes tradestation and most others look like an embarrassment. Just be aware that the learning curve is rather steep but worth it.
  5. Hello, how long would somebody need to learn +- work with Neoticker? For example if you compare with Photoshop or another popular software for somebody who hates learn programming /in fact I do not have time for it/?
  6. It's just like learning Photoshop ,Dreamweaver or any other powerful, feature rich program. I'd say the following and I'm only speaking for myself ...

    It's about the same learning curve for someone of above average intellect and computer skills.

    Takes about a week or so to learn your way around. You'll get frustrated no doubt.

    About a month to really start tapping it's potential and for the frustation factor to go away.

    After a couple of months you'll realize that NT is way more than a charting package. As you learn more of what it can do it'll peak your interest and your trading will actually start to evolve because you'll find new ways of expressing your ideas and trading style you never though in terms of. This is the "wow" period like figuring out CSS in Dreamweaver or overlays and layers in Photoshop.

    Next you'll be playing with the advanced features and programming your own custom indicators (which is quite easy without much programming knowledge)

    As far as backtesting goes, NT is tops. The replay and analysis features are powerful and robust.

    I have several profitable auto traders running on NT and several semi auto.

    Support is good and actually listens to the feature requests of users. Bugs that can be replicated are fixed in days.

    NT is not the run of the mill retail charting package. It's high end and geared towards pro traders and institutions. That being said, if you put in the effort your find nothing else comes close. The 2000+ page pdf is excellent and covers every feature in detail.

    I should state that I am not a programmer or coder or developer, I am a trader and like you, I do not have the time or inclination to learn delpi, c++ or anything of that nature. I can do some scripting for some things I want to accomplish but for most things I pay a developer. There are some very good one out there. One of the beauties of NT is that if you can articulate it - it can be programmed.

    And for the record ... just a satisfied customer.
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  9. Thanks for info. I have the problem that I have several strategies those are succesful but my biggest problem is find setup in time (they are not that common and I need look on stock just in time). I know exactly what I need and although something will be not easy to express (easy to spot with eyes but translate in computer language...) my only chance is somehow automate my work
    because I am again and again looking on my favourite setups - when part if not all profit already gone and get in involves a much more risk.
    Frustrating work.
    Entry I prefer valuate myself but for exit I have strict rules (I have several of them but if any occurs than immediately out) and computer can do it quicker...
    I need quite complicate query in realtime (several conditions met at once) and if possible checking even on shorter intervals than 1 minute (for volume, etc). Moreover, I am by ETrade and can not change my broker (unless I will find another -Paypal friendly-). Do you think Neoticker can work with Etrade /automated trading and datafeed will be nice, too/?
    I looked on Neoticker but I think but even start there is a really pain....
    Do you think it can solve my problems?
  10. There are many ways that NT can find and alert you when your setup is happening. One of them is pattern recognition. You give NT an example (using your mouse) of what you are looking for and NT will try to find it and will rank what it has found in terms of percentage quality of the match. As in, this pattern is a 94% match of what you are looking for - this pattern is 98%. etc. I'd still recommend putting you setup into words. For many reasons. It will help you define it in your our mind and allow it to be programmed. I don't think there is anything too complicated for NT.

    Wait a second ...Eturd, I mean etrade and you fund with paypal? And not being able to fund with paypal is a deal breaker??? I doubt NT can use eturd's feed. Sh!t, I wish I read this part of your post first and not wasted my time. NT is for serious traders not eturders with paypal funding problems. With you get serious let me know. Geez.
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