Back on the Forums. Longg times

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by QualityRareCoin, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I used to post here back back in the day of my youngness and naivetyness. Now a full time coin dealer on eBay, trading is a past time, but I still follow the markets here and there. Still have a few friends I met from back in the day show up on Skype and every now and then I'll say "hey". Does Jack Hershey still do his thing on here? I remember him and SpyderTrader had a journal going on for what seemed like an eternity here..

    Hope all is well. Glad to be back. -Jay
  2. Lucrum


    What was your alias then?
  3. I'm calling BS, this piker is trying to peddle his wares. Daoooooo---- Renny bags another one!

    Jack Rennick Anderson out:cool:
  4. I'm not sure it's that relevant what my alias then was. I'm hoping this thread just stays the way it currently is.

    Reply to William, no, you're wrong on that. I am not here to peddle any "wares" lol, I'm just here to say that it feels good to post here again.
  5. trendo


    Absolutely yes!
  6. Wow how welcome does one feel when they come on the board using their business name and get called names like a "piker". That's not a very welcoming way of accepting someone back.. I understand that I'm sure you guys get a lot of these so called "pikers" coming on the board and going, but I'm not one of them!