Back office End of Day Stocks Scaning Services

Discussion in 'Trading' started by simsim, May 27, 2005.

  1. simsim


    This is the era or Outsourcing, so why not you outsource your technical scanning efforts.

    If any one is interested, I will provide end of day Stock scanning services based on the Technical Analysis (for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX stocks) . (no fundamentals at this time)

    Criteria could be for Example:
    List of stocks Moving average (13) days crossed Mov (50 ) and CCI crossed 0. etc etc

    Output list will be provided in Excel Fromat.

    Disclaimer: These are just scanning services, based on the scans, no gurantee on the success of the stock is provided. Stock trading is business of dancing with lions (high risk) in the wild.