Back In The Game,

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ERoptions, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Of course, this time Im trading for a Bank. I know I know, But man, after having the crew teach me at Schonfeld, Mr. Rmetal and his legacy of the "RUSSIAN" the whole "PROP TRADING" , I found it easyer to just submit and hit the desk at bank. Of course, they will not allow me to trade options in any of Equities/commodities held, I have to report any personal trades I do and I am always under radar of "Big Brother" .....but hey, Its a laid back atomospher , button ups and Ties but all in all its in Texas and let me tell you, not much going on in the land of steer and beer, let alone "Trading".

    So to all my Ellite trader friends, Pabst, Res, Nitro, of course, Dave and mr Metal and all those I chated with before my "time away from the markets"....Trader talk on

    and yes, Im still a super star producer and the record label is doing fine.