Back in the day Skinny women were considered ugly.

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  1. Funny how times change, now American men like there women thin with a figureless boyish body.

    back in the days, men wanted women that looked like women.
  2. This is very true! If a woman was skinny she was considered to be poor, a sign that she was under-fed, while wealthy women were plump indicating that they had enough money to eat well. (I'm sure most of you know this,) but I always wonder where, when, and WHY all of this did a complete 180? What motivated women to think it was considered sexy to be so skinny you could see their bones??

    Just a thought...:confused:
  3. That and those horrible dark over tanning women get as well to the point that they become leathery in a few years.
  4. ask Calvin Klein
  5. bullshit,
    ever f -ed a fatass before?
    even a chubby girl, nasty.
  6. loik


    I prefer something inbetween catwalk and chubby.
  7. yeap, go to an art gallery and look at renaissance paintings and you will find inevitably the rich and nobility that were painted were chubby, it was desirable and a sign of security and wealth
  8. Look at an area of mostly poor today. A lot of overweight people.
    They buy the foods they can afford which are high fat, high carbohydrate- sugar loaded foods with little nutritional value that will supply too many calories that a body can not use in a day. The cities they live in may have a large amount of fast food chains available also. Dangers on the streets may be a deterrent to get out more and be active.
    Even if they understand better food selections to eat, chances are they cannot afford them. Exercise is not a part of lifestyle.

    An area of wealth will have thinner, fitter people as the education is higher and gives them an understanding of better food choices. The ability to afford better food selections, and a healthier outlook on life. Fitness clubs are everywhere along with tennis, golf, personal training and common to see many people jogging, riding bikes.The emphasis is on longevity, a quality of life with an extreme focus on goals.

    This is not to say one cannot find thin people in poor areas and heavier people in moderate to wealthier communities. It simply highlights body weight and its relation to demographics.
  9. if you guys like fat (i mean, weight-challenged) chicks, BE MY GUEST!! take them all for i care. save the thin ones for me. thanks