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  1. finally!!
  2. Fed will just come out again and say "oops".. "sorry we omitted a word in the statement"

    like last time market sold off on rate hike...

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    Quote from MacroEvent:

    yes but my short position trade from end of day friday was in a bear day today --- plus i will re-enter some short positions in the es tonight before the EU market opens to see if there will be any follow through to the german election situation. bull market or not --- market can't go up everyday.

    You guys still dont get it.


    were you long or short today? :D
  4. The FED has much more info than any of us have about the economic activity in the Gulf Coast, let alone the entire country.

    They obviously feel the Economy will continue to be strong.

  5. that could be, but i think they are much more worried about inflation then they are willing to verbalize in a rate hike announcement.
  6. They warned us a few days ago that their main concern was inflation.
  7. the hints were there --- I agree
  8. Don't party yet , considering the bull market , this drop is a HUGE -70, that can be made up very easily.
  9. Yeah, they did, but mo mo morons continued to buy like crazy. They hoped he would pause because he felt sorry for NO citizens.


    Best day in several weeks, thanks for asking.
  10. The more oil prices matter to stocks in relation to interest rates, the clearer pre-announcement signals from the Fed can and will be.

    Today was a non-event.
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