Back from vacation..time 2 buy blah blah

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  1. time 2 buy blah blah you know the story already

    buy the dip

    market going higher

    dow 14,0000 coming soon

    Fed won't raise rates

    10 year falling

    oil going lower

    terror under control

    Inflation slowing...a lower housing number this morning

    Um buy


  2. Yay! Time to get back to 100% short!
  3. Vacation? You mean summer camp? Did you eat S'mores and tell ghost stories? :p
  4. You again?

    Where's michael scott the putz? I need a good laugh this morning.
  5. Why, did you wet your bed from a nightmare? Watch some Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and eat some Cap'N Crunch Berries. Didn't your mommy and daddy tell the babysitter that that's your favorite?

    Who cares where michaelscott is? You miss him? :p
  6. That fellow talks ALOT, he never shuts up, market is still in an uptrend, we have come very far very fast. We have been moving sideways for that last 5 weeks. Earnings will set the next stage.

    I have no doubt the fed will take its usual pussy stance and try to tell everyone "they expect inflation to ease" just dont look at food and energy!
  7. congrats bro!!!

    I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK$$$
  8. EQT, I would love to see a time stamp for when and where you bot this most recent dip. Let me guess you bot friday on the close, but won't show proof. You're credibility is zip dude. How was shopping by the way?
  9. Did you enjoy covering your DDM at you should have just held..always on the wrong side of the trade

  10. why do I have to play every single dip?

    I can't just congratulate those ZERO RISK dip buyers who make FREE MONEY $$

    I am proud of them hearing me 4 years ago when I told everyone $$$$
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