Bachmann: Obama's Waving A "Tar Baby"

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    Rep. Michele Bachmann accused President Barack Obama of “waving a tar baby in the air” by blaming oil speculators for the “poor choices” he’s made for energy policy.

    “This is just about waving a tar baby in the air and saying that something else is a problem. I have never seen a more irresponsible president who is infantile in the way that he continually blames everybody else for his failure to first diagnose the problem, and second, to address the problem. It’s always everyone else’s fault,” the Minnesota Republican told Florida-based conservative blog The Shark Tank in an interview on Wednesday.

    In the Uncle Remus stories, the Tar Baby is a doll made of tar and turpentine that’s used to trap Br’er Rabbit. The phrase has come to mean a sticky situation, but some also consider it a derogatory term for African-Americans.
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    She's a moron.
  3. Is there a list where us White folks can find all words, phrases and double meanings that are offensive to all groups.
    Or do we just wait until they call us bigots and racists to learn.
  4. Sorry, I can't give this silly bitch a pass on this one. She knows exactly what she's doing. Pathetic!
  5. Epic


    Never use the following common innocuous phrases:

    Pot calling the kettle black...

    Chink in someone's armour..

    Call a spade a spade....

    Nip it in the bud...

    I learned all these recently. Apparently, even though they have absolutely nothing to do with race (and never have), they are now racist terms.
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    OTOH, there are also those common terms that are absolutely racist/degrading and always have been, but people don't seem to notice what they are saying. Shocks me every time.

    Cotton picker...

    Off the reservation...

    Calling brazil nuts, N***** toes...

    Jew something down...

    That's so gay...
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    Oh yeah, but there are some that I agree with sometimes. For example;

    "Hand me those dikes!"

    The name for this tool never had anything to do with the slang term for lesbians. It is a contraction of the name diagonal cutters, or "diags" that became pronounced "dikes".

    But in this case the slang word is so much more prevalent and the origin and meaning of the contracted name of the tool is much less known.
  8. So Bachmann was niggardly in her assessment of Obama?
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    If you were a Senator you might be in trouble.:eek:
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    No. It doesn't matter what you say it's how someone else misinterprets your words that makes you a bigot and a racist.
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