Bachman promises 2 dollar gas!!!!!111

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  1. mxjones


    Was that before or after she wished Elvis a Happy Birthday a few days ago (on the anniversary of his death)?

    I am really confused as to how any semi-intelligent person can support her. But, I was confused about how they could support Sarah Palin too...hopefully Bachman will meet a similar fate and they will both be footnotes is political history.
  2. Lornz


    I find it hard to understand how anyone can take politics seriously - when this is a potential presidential candidate?
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    It is conceivable possible to achieve $2 gas, but as was alluded to, the side effects might be rather disastrous.

    End the Fed, focus on a strong dollar (really), end speculation on energy futures, massive push for nuclear energy, etc.
  4. If you took all the US restrictions off drilling you could create 3 million jobs and the price may decline.
  5. jsp326


    Yeah, cheap gas was soooo bad for stocks back in the 80s and 90s. But you were in diapers then...or maybe you're still in them?

    But no one should promise a certain gas price. Too many variables unless they try to control the price from the top down, which is a very bad idea.

    Remember, though we have someone in office who thinks there are 57 states, who can't decide which faith he cherishes (Muslim or Christian) and who can't pronounce "corps" properly. Goes to show that Ivy League educations are nearly worthless these days, especially when "earned" by career politicians (whose stints in gov't employment, academics, gov't propped financial institutions, community organization, etc. are equally worthless for real-world knowledge).

    I also remember someone promising unemployment would never go above 8% if they could spend trillions on pork. How did that work out?
  6. jsp326


    It's not just drilling--there's a lot of unneeded restrictions on refineries, too. That's why we haven't made any progress in them for years.
  7. And minimum wage was like 2 bucks an hour, and you can buy a gallon of milk for like 99 cents.
  8. jsp326


    Uh, no. Adjusted for inflation, gas was still cheaper from the mid-80s to late 90s.
  9. S2007S


    Got to love politicians, LIES and more LIES.

    I can guarantee if she became president $2.00 gas would never happen.

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