BAC will get cash infusion

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  1. go long here

    BAC is def. too big too fail.
  2. The TARP credit card is already maxed out.
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    Bank of America is too big to fail, NYSE:BAC is not
  4. Stock, if I'm not mistaken, you said to get long BAC in the mid to high 20's. Another one of your brilliant recomendations!
  5. BAC is a keeper though. The best bank in existance.
  6. If BAC is so good, why does it seem like every person that I talk to who uses them HATES THEIR GUTS?
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    Tah Dah! I think that this is a big part of the problem with a lot of these big companies that are now failing now. Someplace along the way they came to the conclussion that they are the best thing in town, that their shit dont stink and they put their pants on different then everyone else does. Ipso facto they can treat the customer like shit and get away with it. They are all finding out that is not the case. Love your customers and they will love you back. Piss on them and they will piss on you back as soon as they get the chance.
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    you can't piss on them even if they piss on you

    they will take away your money no matter what

    if you don't hand it to them nicely and quietly, they will take it by force

    did you approve of any of the bills recently passed to save the banks?

    are you happy with saving the banks at the expense of living through inflation?
  9. BAC to report earnings early.

    It's already up 4% in AH. Even if earnings are horrible it will still most likely rally.
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