BAC-what a joke-

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Bob111, Dec 31, 2008.

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    just open a new account and when i was trying to make a transfer i got this-
  2. Bob111


    $30K a month is the limit(!)
    limit to do something with my own money? wtf bac?
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  3. vv111y


    based on experience ?!?
    Your right - they're nuts

    Here's a transaction maybe they can handle - how about 100% withdrawal of all accounts. That shouldn't be too hard for them.
  4. tradersboredom

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    it's a red flag on their system with withdrawal for electronic or wire transfers. FRAUD PROTECTION or money laundering or crime activity.

    i'm sure you can withdraw more if you talk to the branch manager in person in writing.

  5. tradersboredom

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    i heard in the UK, opening a bank account is like they do a credit check, criminal check etc. and can refuse your business if you cash is from proceeds of crime.

  6. Bob111


    they do a credit check,if you open account in pretty much any US bank.

    why do i have to talk with someone, if i want to make online transfer? it make no sense to have online account, if you have to go to branch and spend 30 min with manager anyway.
    i have accounts with couple small local banks and i have no problems moving amounts way bigger than this bs BAC limit. i'm absolutely certain, that if i request 50K cash withdrawal-they will deliver it same big bank are really f**d..
  7. the west is a control freak, specially america

    your problem has more to do with the pressure the government puts on banks to regulate and control everything, than it has to do with what the banks really want from you
  8. lol.

    I agree it's nuts. I've had my fair share of problems with banks too and I will NEVER use National City again.
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    They don't do credit checks when you open an account in the U.S. - If they do then they must not be doing it in Florida because I've never had one done on any account I've ever opened.
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    They don't pull your credit report, they pull a Chexsys report which is not a credit agency but a center for banks to report on bank account holders who abuse the system.
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