BAC sued for $1B+ for mortgage fraud

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    "US sues B of A for $1B+ for mortgage fraud
    US sues Bank of America for $1B+ for mortgage fraud in Countrywide loans

    The top federal prosecutor in Manhattan sued Bank of America for more than $1 billion
    on Wednesday for mortgage fraud against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the years around the financial crisis. [...]"
  2. Ship it.
  3. mutluit


    ship it? - what on hell do you mean by this? :)
  4. ==============

    Thats one of the most persistant patterns i have seen in my long life;
    Big banks/big bank sector getting sued , losing/lousy customer service. Thay deserve every DOWNTICK they get
    ================================:D :D
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    Do you think it will affect the BAC share price? What to expect / how to profit best from such information?
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    Already posted under jokes2 thread in chitchat
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    Oh, got it now:

    "So when used by someone else in regard to your work, "Ship it!" implies confidence in your abilities: "You're one in a million, man - I have confidence that it'll work as you say it does."

    thx for the compliment :)