BAC short.

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    Initiating a short in BAC. Market looks like in correction mode. BAC has been the laggard of the financials the entire run. SHORT 11.50 X 11.60 for stop. Target 1: 11.00, Target 2: 10.50 range. May do an add on once the 60m 20ma rolls over and i get another sell set up.
  2. I've been watching this one today. I see that little consolidation pattern that you bracketed. :)
  3. Theres probably better stuff to short than something trading below tangible book value.
  4. Doesn't matter now. He has been stopped out.

  5. aapl
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    I did. :(
  7. not only is there better stuff to short then something under tangible, but he also said BAC has been the laggard, what other financial company went up about 100% last year?
  8. He is probably listening to Jim Cramer. :)
  9. Apple may continue to ralley. It bounced real nice off it's 38.2% fib retracement level of 435.00. Technicals obviously still bearish though.

  10. Yeah, I'm just poking fun
    I have no idea where aapl is going
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