BAC september 3 options

Discussion in 'Options' started by justfortrends, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    anyone know why BAC has options which expire this Friday (september 3rd)? I was under the impression that all options expired on the third friday of the month. I mistakenly bought some ( $13 call ) thinking they were the the september 18 ones. Oh well... alteast it was very little money
  2. Weekly options? :)
  3. must be the new options type for a few selected, BAC is one of them.
  4. lylec305


    Occasionally, underlying co publish options for special purpose. They are not available for retail trade.
  5. wow .. now that is what I call a lucky mistake...:)
  6. 100% return?
  7. bought at .03 yesterday sold at .11 today so it was more like 200% :D
    looks like it could have been 400% if I had waited:mad:

    oh well.
  8. So as hard it was go and check what I would have had I held on..I did This option had a high of .67 cents today so basically I would have had 21 dollars for each dollar I put in.. :eek: