BAC less than 48hr Due Diligence on MER

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by TT1, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. TT1


    Per Lewis and Thain press conference:

    Shit, why do Companies even need IB's to get deals done. CEO's are now the new IB's, they know everything?????

    Sell BAC

  2. Still trying to understand why they see value in acquiring a firm of about 15,000 secretaries/order takers?
  3. LEAPup


    Very simple. So the vampires at Merrill can start marketing to the billions of dollars (Clients) sitting in CD's, and Cash at BAC. Lewis of BAC even said himself live on T.V. that MER will start marketing to cash clients. BAC Clients, get ready for some Merrill snake oil sales people...

    There's a ton of $$$$ to be made moving people out of CD's into MER's packaged products.:mad: I hate merrill. Used to be a Broker there.:mad:
  4. Well they can't be any worse than Ameriprise. They are true snake oil.

    Sounds like with the acquisition today it is the return of the boiler rooms at BOA!