BAC last bid 4.98, S&P downgrades 37 global banks...

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  1. Ouch. Warren B. is not amused.
  2. J Ski

    J Ski

    In this wacky market, this might be a signal to buy bank stocks.
  3. newwurldmn


    At some point they will be a buy. They are real businesses and they do produce profit. Not all of them will go bankrupt.
  4. Once BAC closes under 5, watch out.

    It is already on the special margin requirement list. Once it breaks 5 it will no longer be marginable.
  5. Mvector


    Unfortunately, many of them are techically insolvent and a one day bank run would easily pull the stock price down over 50%.

    Many banks are dead without fed discount window or govt backing from bailout programs. I don't see any good reason to buy bank stocks.
  6. i am going to get out of this crap shit market; for 6 years I stayed away. Sorry I got involved again. The USA is now a total joke. Bunch of losers running the government while greedy, ignorant and incompetent pigs run banks

    Just bought some fucking GS at 90. G-damn it !! LOL

    I have puts so some of it is hedged. But I have had it with the ass wipes at S&P waiting until after the market is closed to downgrade this crap. Wonder who they leaked inside info to this time, g-damn corrupt pricks. You can't even hold a position overnight anymore, and I am not a fricking day trader so this is not the market to take positions home.

    Total waste of time and money playing in these crap markets.
  7. didnt you hear? it was widely known they were gonna dg them based on their new spiffy criteria:D
  8. newwurldmn


    But they do have the discount window and they always will. And its been shown that they have some kind of implicit guarantee from the govt (though maybe not for the shareholders).

    The are insolvent because the rules make them so. They can change the rules if necessary. They have done so before.

    Not saying $5 is a buy but there will be a price where it's worth a shot.
  9. J Ski

    J Ski

    Yeah man,build some of these, clean house.

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  10. Mvector


    Here is the facts - if only half of everyone who has money in banks goes to cash out one day, there is no money anywhere to cash them out. All of the banks who have peoples money on deposit do not have the real cash to make everyone whole - this makes all the major banks technically insolvent.

    I keep about 3% of my total liquid wealth in banks - for paying the typical monthly bills and that is it. I would never keep more than $5 to $7 grand in a bank - when the rough times hit it will be fast and furious.
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