BAC - Is there an options play over the next 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. With any kind of relief from a non-diluting solid bank plan, and this thing could have a nice jump before Feb Options Expiration------too risky?
  2. FEB calls at the 10 strike are selling for $0.07. If the underlying moves to $11 before expiration, you would make a killing. Go ahead and buy about 300 contracts. It's just money :)
  3. I was thinking more of the $5 calls in the money variety myself for .98-1.05 range.
  4. Call your 5 strike and raise raise a 7.5. If you're going to gamble, then gamble! Since it's purely a speculative play,and I have no problem with that, I would like to see a MUCH higher return if successful, otherwise, why bother?

    Whatever fits your style, though. We're all probably better off grinding out smaller returns with safer bets, but there's nothing wrong with risking 5% of your capital on a hunch every so often. It keeps things interesting.