bac i was right

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  1. just saying
  2. How much did you not make by not taking your own advice? :confused: :(
  3. I took my own advice...and i made 3% in that one day.
  4. spindr0


    You're a rock star! Where/when can we get your trading newsletter ???

  5. Sign me up! I can't wait to sometimes gain 3% in a day!! :)

  6. no newsletter but i usually make 3% 4 of 5 times a week
  7. MCA i believe is going to shoot up approx 3-4% in the next few days good luck.
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    Unbereaveable! At that rate you'll double your money every 4-6 weeks. In no time at all you'll own Manhattan! Sign me up !!!
  9. Wow! you mean you dropped from your original amount all the way down to 3% of your original amount? You made it all the way down to 3%

    You're great! You're stupid!

    Now get lost, idiot.
  10. First off I made 3 %...

    Second when I take a hit it takes double the percent of what I lost just to break even so NO I wont double my money every 4-6 weeks infact considering I use the money to help my family out since my dad got fired from aig now joe you go the fuck away
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