BAC---FED Wire Shut DOWN???!!!

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  1. FWIW, I just confirmed with my local BAC branch their FED wire is shut down, and has been since Friday. No reason provided

  2. You ARE referring to Bank of America, right?

    What is a 'Fed Wire?'
  3. That's the wire that the BAC guys pull on to tell the FED mucho mas dinero is needed!:D

  4. Sorry for my ignorance of the subject, but why would a customer know or be told about the fact, assuming this is true, that Bank of America's 'Fed Wire' is not available?

    I'm really trying to understand this.

    Bank of America has access to the Fed's discount window.

  5. BofA is BY FAR the worst most evil bank I have ever dealt with in my entire life....I actually hate them to the core. When I drive by a BofA it just makes me cringe....they pulled a very nasty scam job in one of my accounts years ago. They do not have control over their rouge employees trying to make an easy illegal side buck!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    The BofA Jacksonville FL division (and I am not talking branch offices in FL...talking about internal departments offices) is corrupt!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah, I can't imagine a scenario in which BAC would be limited from using the interbank system. A retail manager would inform a customer of the situation?
  7. Give them a call or stop on in and inquire about sending or receiving a wire

    Bank of America
    Lincoln Park Branch
    Fullerton and Clark
    Chicago, IL

    773 244 8002
  8. I have a BAC account and just arranged for a wire to my account today. Are you telling me I'm not going to get it??


    Edit: Nope. It's there now.
  9. Fedwire is interbank. Domestic client wires are unaffected.
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