BAC,C...banks tanking

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. dsq


    new lows on banks...this momentume looks like it wants to take us through 8000dow.
  2. Watch $10 as a huge psychological level on Citi
  3. BAC yielding 7.2%, I'm loading up 50 shares at a time every 50 cent drop or so for my retirement.
  4. dsq


    wait for bac to cut their dividend...banks arent making any profits for about a year at least...dont know how bac can afford that divi.

    C cut their divi to zero.This is just looking ugly,ugly.

    MArket has support around 8100 or so far range is 8000-9500 aprox.
  5. looks like Paulson wants to send more money to the banks, rethinking CDO buys and looking to take the 700 and roll it into banks.... he is begging them to lend if he does that.

    US gov. thinks it's a bad idea to buy toxic waste now?

    Fucking idiots.
  6. TGregg


    And C goes to single digits. Oo
  7. You seen nothing yet. I am 100% cash still...
  8. dsq


    bac 17 50...ouch,broke july lows
  9. ******NEWSFLASH****** For Imediate Release*****

    Bank of America, in light of the recent financial turmoil in the industry, today announced they will be undergoing a name-change, effective immediately, to better reflect the new business model going forward.

    The new name will be...Tank of America
  10. bro59


    How about the "Rape of America"

    I couldn't stand in line to do my banking with these scum sucking bottom feeding nepotistic inbred sister fucking war mongers a few years ago without them sending a chick through the line asking if I "owned my own home." You know why I had to stand in line? Because they had purchased my bank but couldn't integrate the online banking or ATM features into their system so I could bank without standing in line.

    Bank of America almost got firebombed out of existence during the Vietnam War. Maybe they actually will now.
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