BAC buyout?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by GordonTheGekko, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. GordonTheGekko

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    With it approaching $5/share, it seems as though they're becoming an increasingly good deal for another big bank (or conglomerate)? Forget about all the garbage in the company, at this rate, their assets must be worth more than the share price. :eek:

    I'm sure many of you feel this way - I hate BAC, always have... sorry for ranting, but those so-called money managers who were hoping for $30/share shortly last year hugely piss me off.
  2. GordonTheGekko

    GordonTheGekko Guest

    I know there is another thread on BAC, but thought I would ask about the buyout possibility in a new one.
  3. the1


    BAC has a load of toxic mortgages on their books. A 1:10 split is more likely unless the Fed forces a buyout like it did in 2008.
  4. J Ski

    J Ski

    Curious about the spikes, from $6.43 to about $6.91.
  5. I'll buy BAC for .05 / share
  6. newwurldmn


    Who could buy them out?

    JPM or Citi couldn't as they would immediately have to divest most of the deposits.

    A conglomerate might want to get into the banking business, but 60Bn is steep even if BAC is a good firm.

    Warren Buffet might buy it, but that would only be if the mortgage issue is overblown in his opinion and again, 60Bn is steep even for him.
  7. Illum


    Maybe they found a sucker for the Chinese construction. Maybe they sold something else. Desperate times, wild action.

    Edit- It's probably time roll out dick bove to tell us what a buy this is, maybe have the ceo come on cnbc, we can rally this old time bomb. Things happening to fast, wheres the squeeze before death? This is going down like aig did. No fight at all.
  8. daveyc


    i have a few bac bonds, should i sell?
  9. GordonTheGekko

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    $60b is allot, but honesty, they're in high end penny stock territory now, who's to say we won't be looking at $4/share or less? The government spent more money on AIG, a deal that was considered peanuts!
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