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  1. Good or bad long term and why?:)
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    Haha--I think it's hard to say, I don't know many facts about the deal yet.
  3. this is a disgrace that the misguided, screwed up people governing this country (the USA congress/senate/justice/ etc.) are allowing all these bank mergers, like Bank One and Chase, thereby putting such a huge concentration of power vis-a-vis credit card lending and such in the hands of a small bunch of wealthy sociopaths who run these large multi-billion dollar institutions. It wasn't enough that they got a tougher immoral bankruptcy bill, but now they are reducing competition. WOW... I guess the USA is no longer concerned about fair competition. What would Sherman say?

    I have already began drafting a letter to the Senate/House and the Justice Department, not that it will do any good, to protest this outrage.

    What is most amazing is how there is no large outpouring of outrage by the sheepish American public at these scam mergers in the banking industry this year. Pretty soon like I tell people, we'll have TWO fking banks in the entire USA.


    Anyone want some insight into the immorality and sheer greed of these large banks and their wealthy maggot officers, and their scam credit card lending policies, access this link:


  4. If you pay off your balance and don't let these guys suck you in, you should be just fine. Too many banks as there are, and MBNA is a bad player anyway. Merger with Bank of America might take away some of the malignancy.

  5. curious... do you even remember when you first sold out! Here's a suggestion whose time has come... get you head out from deep inside your **** and join the human race in 21st century America and World. Credit cards and credit are an integral, necessary and important part of life. PERIOD! Even insurance companies use credit scores to rate your policy premium. You can't rent a car without a credit card. ETC. ETC. ETC.

    >>>>>Thus concentrating all this power in the hands of a few is a dangerous move to anyone who has any insight into the banking and credit business. It's why we have THREE fking branches of government genius!Banking credit card lending is not an option or a luxury; it is a necessity for most lower/middle class and upper middle class, hard-wroking people... other than rich doctors and the like... !

    And by the way... hate to be rude, but MBNA is one of the biggest and best credit card lenders. Thus your comments must have been pulled out of a place where the sun don't shine as I doubt you could even clarify and/or explain your flippant thought that there are "too many banks", and MBNA is a bad player! That is rubbish.

    How high (low) did you say your IQ was, bro? :D :D :eek:

  6. You can flame all you want, but:

    1. Thrift is a virtue that may not be attractive to a high consumption lifestyle, but when push comes to shove, you might wish that you had a little more assets and a little less credit. Credit can dry up *instantly*. Assets you need to spend down. Benjamin Franklin said it best. People who lived through the depression understood. Your lack of inexperience is glaring.

    2. MBNA was one of the principal players pushing through the bankruptcy-reform bill, and is an aggressive lender to whomever will take their 'easy' terms. When you are up to your neck in plastic, and can no longer declare BK, but must pay your debts (and the INTEREST on them accumulating while you pay), you'll feel differently.

    3. I don't care if you're rude. I just think you need to read a little more. Also, please don't call me dim if you're not even able to use the spell checker built in to this site.
  7. BAC was a sure buy at 5 am pct today :)
  8. Tom Brown of says the only thing that correlates with the size of financial institutions is exec comp. That's all the explanation you need. BAC has a long history of doing idiotic deals.