Bac -18.39% Jpm -10.23% C -8.88%

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  1. Banks getting wacked, goverment has wasted our money on instutions that are heading to the graveyard anyway.

    What a crying shame!
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  4. Man what a shame. Looks like some bought Friday thinking a rally was in store with Obama nation, now running for cover OOPS!
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    I agree regarding "it just takes one nationalisation". This is what has happened in the UK since the start of trading on Monday.

    People are realising that (in addition to RBS), Lloyds and Barclays could also be nationalised. So the stocks of all three banks are tanking.

    As for the Macrospeculations blog - great content, but the layout (eg. changing font size, indentation) is a little tough on the eyes.

  6. the events in the banking sector have made their TV commercials ooze irony
  7. Why are your quotes wrong? BAC isn't down that much. Same with JPM. BAC is only down .60 and JPM 1 something.

    I'm not saying you're wrong.....I'm just saying.

    well, you're wrong lol. What program do you use?

    Yes you're right though. BAC is going under now't is full of morons.
  8. misappropriation of funds, manipulation, and malfeasance!
  9. Well I get mine from Yahoo, don't you?
  10. assuming BAC didn't go under, how soon are they allowed to raise their dividend from 1 cent per share under the terms of the recent government deal?
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