Babyboomers jumping ship! to foreign countries.

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  1. These things always worry me. The payment of their pension is made by the government or a private pension fund. So if they default they are stuck in a foreign country with no income. At least if they are in the US they will have support from people they know.
  2. First, the US GOV pensions will not default. IF that happens it is the END of the US for good.

    Private Pensions, different story. There will be defaults and less paid out.
  3. time to move to Costa Rica :p
  4. there are places in small town america where you can live for the numbers they quoted. add on travel expenses home a few times a year and you will not save money.
    the climate is probably the draw but i bet its hot and humid there in the summer.
  5. Exactly! I've been saying this for years to friends who watch too much "House Hunters International".

    The one question no one seems to consider is "what happens when TSHTF in one of these tropical paradise banana republics?" You think they'll give a shit if you're an American? You'll be looted blind and probably killed.

    I'd rather take my chances here in the US.
  6. yea i know of a guy who went to one of those places and lived in an american community. one night bandits broke in and stabbed him to death.
    if you flash wealth in a place where most of the people have nothing dont be surprised if somebody wants to take it from you. its not the suburbs of america in those countries.
  7. LOL.

    they are still better off than being stuck in US. it would be cheaper for their friends and relatives to support them in Panama.

    p.s. "barring a revolution in Panama"

    p.s.s. there are plenty of places in US one could get stabbed to death but live cheaply before it happens
  8. Only a 36k a year govt pension, lucky for them they dont have to retire on SSI.
  9. This is very true. Most Americans are extraordinarily naive when it comes to matters of personal safety. They will jaunt around the world to exotic locales, not thinking twice about how dangerous and/or corrupt some of the places they visit are...

    Speaking of which, there are tons of ex-pat communities in Mexico, which has turned into more of a third world hellhole than it already was. I always hear that all this violence is right around the border, but I think that's false security. There is absolutely nothing to prevent that madness from taking over these remote ex-pat communities with all the wealth and paid off cops that wouldn't do a thing to protect them.
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