Baby taken from parents who wanted 2nd doctor's opinion

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    Yet another instance of a dumb fuck bureaucrat presuming to know what's better for us than we do. AND the local <s>police</s> Gestapo assisting in denying individual rights without cause or process.

    And we have many here who want MORE government control over our lives.
  3. 1)Never fight the govt head on , that just justifies ANYTHING they decide to do (anybody remember them exterminating children at waco?)

    2)This couple did the best thing, they surreptitiously filmed the whole encounter. This couple will make lots of money off of this.

    3) Always try to specifically identify one or more of your attackers.Failing justice through the system , you can "hunt " pieces of shit on your own time. Very few people except celebrities, including police can protect themselves and their family from assassination.

    4) Lastly if you decide option 3 , never give any warning or harassment of any kind. Myself I'll pretend to be the biggest pussy in the world until ... checkmate.
  4. It's pretty cut and dried. They took the baby without a proper discharge from the first hospital. The Drs are mandated reporters and are required to notify CPS of the baby not being properly discharged.

    No matter what happened next the chain of events are in place from the first hospital. If CPS has concerns they ask for police to accompany them.

    It is in your best interest to talk to CPS otherwise they err on the side of caution and remove the child till the matter is settled.

    Although hospital number 2 discharged the baby properly and safe to go home with parents. The liability of hospital number 1 has to be resolved.
  5. Correctomundo.

    Re: CPS - You are guilty and never proven innocent. Charges are "unfounded".
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    Of course when CPS underreacts and a kid ends up suffering abuse at the hands of his/her parents, with 20/20 hindsight we all shout, "why didn't they DO something?" That's not an excuse for their actions in this case, but an observation that if CPS (or any entity, actually) is not perfect, then they will err one way or the other.
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    That's because they believe they will never be the victim of a police state.
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    Freedom and safety are a tradeoff. Some people want more freedom than safety and other people want more safety than freedom. Is either person wrong (assuming neither is an extremist)?

    Edit: a police state is clearly too far one way, and you, perhaps feeling freedom deprived, naturally feel we're close to a police state now.
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    I knew a couple that had their kids taken and there was nothing wrong in the household at all. Kids from across the street used their phone to call in that their dad was beating people in the house. The gestapo just has their little job descriptions and written rules so they took all the kids from the house the call was made from and stopped returning phone calls.. I've found that you better have a really expensive law firm on your side if you even want a bureaucrat to answer your phone calls or emails, they own the government and they have a legal wall built around themselves that keeps them safe until they retire..
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    Yes one is wrong, the willing slave that wants more safety than freedom.

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