Baby Boomers cashing in 401k's

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  1. That thought usually occurs to me with the market as inflated as its been the last 3-4 years or the bull run we've had.

    What if the majority of them get scared as long term holders in the markets for years and decide enough is enough. They decide I don't want to go through a late 2000-early 2002 period and cash in or go to stable income funds.

    Do you think that goes through their head after this weekend after reading the papers?
  2. As a baby boomer, yep. It's not like we have a lot of time left to accrue money, after all.
    I went to a USG bond fund for my 2nd largest holding about six months ago, reduced the Rus2k fund to a bare minimum, and right now I'm real glad I did.
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    Even as an X-er, I can see the need to diversify out of stocks a bit.
  4. Been in cash and physical gold since February.
  5. Bulk of 401k retirement safe with risk free return. I get company match so 105% return p.a. Rest for active trading in taxable accounts and roth......why risk being taxed at higher future rate in rates will never be lower than they are now so best to save outside 401k above company match.
  6. Moved my wife's 401k to LIBOR-equivalents when SPX hit 1540... blind-ass luck.
  7. I will take luck any time I can get it!


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    Hey, we get enough bad luck, you deserve to win one!
  9. Better lucky than good any day. :D
  10. Good job and let the dust settle.

    Look for more scared selling of 401k's tomorrow.

    Maybe the DOW can open 200 points lower.
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