Baby Boom

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  1. There is a baby boom in my country. They say it is to do with the recession.

    This is something that bugs me. I think that women are purposely getting themselves pregnant to make men or the state financially responsible for them. This is what I think they are suggesting in the media. I think this is why there was a baby boom in the post war period (WWII) due to the austerity. The baby acted as a security to the mother so women got pregnant to protect themselves. In times of prosperity women do not seem to have as many children. The thing that bothers me is the lack of appreciation that this recession is unlikely to be like many others. It could be so bad that the ability of the state or society as a whole may not be able to support the children. Few people would refuse to help a pregnant woman or a child but if they cannot support themselves this may be the case.

    This could end up being a tragic situation. You would think people would put off having children in an environment such as this, but they are having more. It just goes to show you how people, women in particular are inclined to make other people responsible for them and shows the depth of the lack of consideration for the child's welfare they have. To have a child in this world at this moment is very inconsiderate in my opinion. What prospects do they have growing up in a depression period, poor education, poor medical treatment, poor living standards.

    Any thoughts.
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    Or maybe it will save your country. Don't you guys have a fairly low birth rate, hence all the immigration from Muslims?
  3. OP ideology represents everything wrong in this country and the world.
  4. I'd venture a guess:

    Currently another mouth to feed but also a resource for the mother in the future to help provide.

    On a side note, same goes with multiple fathers of children. If the pool of eligible men aka providers is poor (drug addicts, felons, generally low skilled, low intelligent) mothers use these people for what they are worth.

    Having children with many men, maybe once in a while the father of the baby can come through with some assistance while the father of the second child is in rehab or jail. Get my drift?

    10 kids, ten different fathers, same mother, the mother has the resources of ten men which might equal one of you or I.

    How could they ever recognize the cost to the economy or society, they have never seen a W-2 or paid tax on earnings.
  5. What do you think the reason for the increased birth rate is then?
  6. For one, you're whole premis is wrong. The birth rate is DECREASING in this recession. 2) less people equals lower consumption. This is why social security and Medicare is fucked. You got to have enough people at the bottom to keep the Ponzi scheme going. Plus, as someone already mentioned, I would rather see more American babies being born than Muslim. Germany has figured this out, but idiotic Obama Americans are clueless. And this is not a racial post. I just rather live in a country with people who share my values.
  7. Wrong country I am talking about England.