Babes of South Dakota

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  1. actually not. i live in south dakota. one is a blue dog democrat that voted against obama on most bills. she is running commercials bragging about going against her party. she is trying to out republica the republicans. she doesnt seem to understand that if the state wants a republican they will vote for a real one.
    she is in danger though. mostly because she got married and moved to texas. she seldom comes home to south dakota anymore.

    the other is just a tea party moron.
  2. What exactly about the tea party do you think makes her a moron?

    Can you provide specifics?

  3. her constant theme is god, guns and government spending. when we look into her farming business what do we find. she has recieved almost 3 million in farm subsidies. shall we say hypocrit?

    "But Bachmann’s a piker compared to South Dakota’s Iron Lady-in-waiting, Kristi Noem. During that same period, the newest U.S. House candidate, who works our pro-life anti-government factions into such a froth that they need a good cold shower, eleven-tupled Bachmann’s farm welfare haul. As Middle Border Sun reports, the Environmental Working Group database shows that Noem’s Racota Valley Ranch received $2,765,175 in government handouts, most of that for corn, soybean, and wheat production."
  4. So if thats what makes her a moron, then the exact opposite would be a genius to you, right? If someones theme was evolution, abolishing the 2nd amendment, and freedom for the government to spend as much and however much they please without having to answer to the people...that would be genius to you, right?

    South Dakota is full of idiots anyway. Only State where they actually pay people a $5 bounty to kill their state animal, the coyote.
  5. leave it to you to defend a religious moron. you are right about south dakota b eing full of idiots. it is also one of the most religious states. cause or effect?
  6. Mnphats


    Sounds like South Dakota in a nutshell. But then again, SD kept Daschle around for far too long.:)

    Spent my college days in SD, if you like the outdoors and lack of people its heaven.
  7. See, this is why you believe in evolution. Your reading comprehension isnt that great. I defended no one. I dont even know who these two women are. You called one a moron and when someone asked why, you just stated what she is running on. So I asked if that makes someone a moron, then if someone runs on the exact opposite platform, does that make them a genius in your eyes.

    You didnt answer.