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  1. Xuanxue


    Chatter; whine; bitch; moan; blather; create sock-puppets to ask stupid god damned questions - then create another to answer them; kiss ass; flame others who aren't kissing the same ass you think they should; or act like you're too proud to kiss ass: You're all too emotionally retarded to admit that you're simply lonely, can't trade profitably or are too broke to start trading.

    Sad case, isn't it. How many of you actually placed a trade today? Nevermind if you won or lost.

    All boards are the same I don't care what the subject matter. Nothing good ever comes out of it save a few gems buried beneath a landfill of trite, self-important bullshit.

    What's ironic, is that from word one when I started posting here, you knew I had your pulse.

    Don't worry; I don't need to be liked, like you.
  2. There you go "beating around the bush again."