Babara Streisand

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  1. I've heard she's a bad ass day trader. Is she still doing it?
  2. I took the other side of Barbara's last trade in the currency pair EUR/USD.

    She went long... I wiped her pretty bad when she had her SL limit order hit 82-pts down... about the same time I closed my short in profit.

    Man, was she pissed.

    So, overall, I don't think she's that good a trader.

    My theory is, she's too emotional and a bit on the neurotic side.

  3. Day trader my nuts. She was getting candy ipos. and making $ with the rest of the know nothings when being an imbecile was actually a +.

    Can't stand her singing either
  4. What about her nose? Isn't it like... big enough for birds to nest in?...:p
  5. Arnie


    On top of that she's cross-eyed, too. :D
  6. She uses the same broker as ..... did and she just got out of prison recently...need I say more?

    Barbara does give good song though...
  7. It's the nose, I tell ya, it's the nose!...:p
  8. Lucrum


    Bad or Fat?