Babak won't kill stupid "Saddam assassinated" thread

Discussion in 'Politics' started by abra trader, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. of all the censoring Babak has done, it's mind boggling that he doesn't kill the stupid thread "Saddam assassinated".

    Does this mean we can create endless untruthfull headlines here??

    I don't think so. Why is the "Saddam" thread allowed to stick? Because people have asked for its removal!! Babak isn't listening to anyone, he's a powerful moderator who goes his own way.

  2. to be disturbing. Does ET have members with voices? Or is everyone scared of a moderator?
  3. Babak is an excellent moderator and does a great job on being fair to everybody... the whole point of this Chit Chat forum is freedom of speech, and therefore this particular forum is given considerable leeway to achieve that aim...