babak, please tell me you didn't...

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  1. delete that thread that discussed dumb people/anna nicole smith/etc.?

    WHAT THE F#$& IS YOUR PROBLEM, DUDE?!!?!?!??! LEAVE SH!T ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe i find your journal of no worth to me. would you like it if i was a moderator and deleted it?!?! one man's treasure is another man's trash...PERIOD!!!!!!

    i thought you'd learn by now that the ET community has determined your moderating to be too much. every few days someone complains about you. how many complain about baron or zboy? get a clue!


    i am not saying a moderator is not needed at all. babak should delete spam posts, etc. but he should NOT be some dictator that decides which harmless chit chat is acceptable or not. who the f is he to tell me what is worth talking about or not?!?!?!!?!? how annoying is that?!?!?!?!?!

    make zboy2854A or someone the chit chat moderator.
  2. tampa


    I don't know, dude - maybe it's all just a desperate effort to save what was once a highly respected trading board, that is rapidly becoming the playground for trailer park trash.

    As noble as the effort may be, I tend to think that it is too late. Deleting threads and posts is no longer the answer - dumping the trash who have all but taken over may be the only hope.
  3. Get rid of Chit Chat and make this a trading message board.
  4. Magna

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    My sentiments, exactly.
  5. why? if trading subjects go under trading, and chit chat goes under chit chat, what's the problem? if you don't like chit chat, stay out of it.
  6. I don't think that is the problem. This board wouldn't be the same without some stress release via chit-chat. The problem stems from gratuitous frequent and flamboyant thread starting from certain nicknames.

    What we could use is a new thread cap. Perhaps one new thread for each user per day. I've seen some days where an individual starts 5+ new threads and each of them are just as ridiculous as the others.
  7. blahh sometimes i start 2 or 3 great threads in a day
  8. I suggest that the Chit Chat forum be distinguished from the trading forums by removing it from the Main Page list of forums with recent threads.

    And while we're at it, the Feedback forum could receive the same treatment. Maybe that will fix the problem. And anyone who doesn't like my suggestion can go screw themselves for all I care!!! :eek:
  9. Chit Chat bleeds into every forum and attracts people who are more focused on wrecking havoc than on adding value to a trading discussion.